Hey friend! I am thrilled your here and considering me to be your portrait photographer. I do not take that lightly. I love my job, and I adore helping people to capture the very best versions of themselves. Working with me likely will be different from any other photo session you may have had in the past. I strive to capture real moments, connection, and love.

It isn't always easy meeting up with a stranger, or even if you know me personally, and having that person point a big scary lens in your face. Most people are not naturally photogenic and panic can often set in when you don't know what to do or how to pose. But fear not! I will gently guide you every step of the way! In order to photograph real moments I will ask you to interact with your family. We may play games, tell jokes, have tickle wars, and enjoy a few sweet, tender moments amongst yourselves. Whatever it takes to get you not only those “Mantle Worthy” shots, but also the details, and love shared that you will ultimately want to remember forever, and that's exactly why I do this.

A photography session is so much more than showing up for 30-60 minutes getting your pictures taken. It is an experience that I want you to love from the first hello to the delivery of your artwork. Together We start with a planning phase. A quick consultation to discuss what YOU want out of your portraits,and to really make sure our personalities connect well. I have years of experience selecting locations, planning wardrobe, and making sure my clients are 100% prepped for their session. I want you to be confident that I am the right Photographer for you so that the day of your session we can just have FUN!

When you look at your images, you should FEEL the love.

The Ela Portrait Experience

Let's Chat!

When booking a photo session I like to keep things easy peasy! And one of the top asked questions is, "How much does it cost? That my friend is completely up to you.

My sessions all start with a simple retainer payment of only $200. That payment covers my time and talent during the preparation and planning. It reserves the date and times you have selected in my calendar for your session. You get to select your collection AFTER you have seen your beautiful portraits! Every collection comes with Digital Images as well as Artwork Credits so you can fill your home with your gorgeous images.  

What is the investment?

The Ela Photography experience

"Have you ever met someone that truly LOVES their job? Kaylynne does!"

Merci Fenton

"Kaylynne is the Absolute best! She Captured every emotion!"

Danielle Long

"Kaylynne is an exceptional photographer that is able to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her energetic attitude and direction behind the camera are spot on."

Karla Smith

Every session starts with only a $200 payment. This retainer payment is used to save your date and time in my calendar, cover the expenses of the consultation phase, and shooting time. After our session your will get a soft proof gallery that allows you to select the images you want. There are a range of collections available to fit your personal needs. 


Legacy Collection

Gotta have it all? Ok I get it! I'm that way too! Then this collection is for you!

The Legacy Collection comes with
*50 images from your proofing gallery!
* a 8x10 Photo Album featuring all 50 of your images
* a 5x7 folio box with prints

If you dont quite need them all, thats ok too! There is a collection for you as well. The heirloom collection allows you to select your favorite images from your gallery while still having artwork to fill your walls!

The Heirloom Collection comes with
* 25 Digital Images
* 5x5 Photo album featuring your images

Heirloom Collection

Needing something sweet and simple? I got you!

Keepsake Collection Includes
* 10 Digital images
* 5x5 Photo album featuring your images

Keepsake Collection

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